Aims of the CSPRG

Through our research we aim to reduce the numbers of people being diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer, and the numbers of people dying from this disease.

We are running a number of research studies to achieve these aims. We are testing new ways to screen people for bowel cancer, which we anticipate will improve the effectiveness, acceptability and efficiency of screening. We are also looking at ways to support GPs in their role in earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer, and to improve diagnosis in people once they have been referred to hospital for further investigations, as well as looking for new ways to monitor people at higher risk of bowel cancer.

Our research has provided evidence that has led to changes in national and international policy on bowel cancer screening and prevention.

The main research objectives of the CSPRG include:

  1. To create and use large, unique datasets to understand risk factors and inform strategies to reduce gastrointestinal cancer risk;
  2. To improve bowel cancer screening in terms of how people get screened;
  3. To optimise follow-up for patients at increased risk of bowel cancer.